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Post-op tgirl Carmen Kaspar on video

postop tgirl carmen kaspar

It’s time to go out into the sun and to have some fun by the pool, and by fun I mean kneeling down and spreading my naughty post-op pussy open for the camera! That’s right; I’m not like the many tgirls out there that shy away from prying eyes. I embrace my body’s naughty nature in full and let it shine through my slutty pictures, even going as far as giving my cute little butthole a tug too so it spreads just enough to enhance the sexiness of the whole scene!

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postop tgirl carmen kasper

First shooting of Carmen

first shooting carmen kaspar for shemale yum

Here’s a nice treat for my adoring fans; you get to see my full-on good girl look! Don’t I look pretty in my cute little dress? Well, I would if I hadn’t forgotten to put on my panties, so now I just look trashy and slutty rather than cute, but I can’t help it! I’m Carmen Kaspar after all, and I didn’t get myself a juicy pussy to keep it hidden away from the rest of the world. Well, not unless I mean to tease you with it, which is exactly what I set out to do during this photo shoot!

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carmen kaspar first shooting for shemale yum