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Carmen Kaspar bondage pics

carmen kaspar bondage

It’s time for some extreme adult fun and by that I mean something more than just fucking; it’s the kind of fun that only those who are daring and have no reservations about their bodies can indulge in. I’m talking about rope bondage! Come on over and check this gallery of pics from my time in the dungeon; you are sure to love looking at them as much as I loved posing for them. You can tell I was having a blast by looking at my smiling face!

Click here to check out how I look all tied up and helpless in this kinky gallery!

 bondage carmen kaspar

Topless photos of Carmen Kaspar

carmen kaspar photos 

Do you see the look in my eyes as I walk through the door? Good. That look means business and I’m going to show you that I don’t fuck around! Just kidding, doll! I’m just dropping by in a comfortable set of clothes to expose my soft squishy titties and sexy belly, for your eyes only, of course.

If you count yourself amongst my fans, then you certainly like my young girlish looks, so check out how I make them shine on these photos!

Click here to hop on over to FranksTgirls and see this gallery, featuring my sexy tits and perfect body!

carmen kaspar photo

Video of Carmen Kaspar and Sarina

Being a sexy post-op TS has some nice perks, such as having a cute pussy that other shemales can lick and fuck, which is why I’m gonna introduce you to my friend Sarina! She’s a gorgeous brunette with nice curves and a soft voice that can make anyone melt, so you know I won’t miss out on the chance of having her toy with me and my cute cunt! What’s better, this all goes down on camera so you can join in on our sexy fun.

Click here to see a vid of my super-hot shemale lover and I getting frisky like the bitches we are!

Carmen Kaspar and Sarina Valentina

ts carmen kaspar sarina valentina

Here I am again posing with my sexy shemale friend Sarina Valentina! The two of us are gonna help you see the differences between sexy brunettes and blondes, as well as those between post op and pre op TS hotties. Think of our bodies as an illustrated guide; hers still has a cute cock that she uses to fuck other shemales, while I have a pretty pussy meant to be fucked!

We had a blast posing sexy and groping each other but it was all just to make my fans happy!

Click here for a breathtaking set of two gorgeous TS girls!

ts carmen kasper sarina valentina

Hot Carmen Kaspar pics

carmen kaspar pics shemale yum

If you are a fan of my blog, then you know the drill, one of these pics is not like the others! Remember that cute set with the pretty red rose? Well that little flower won’t be in the way this time, so now you get a bold close up of my hairy snatch and even my butthole! But you still have the alternative of checking me out in a nice outfit if that close-up is too much for you to handle, or if you like to think I’m a shy and cute girl!

Click here to see pics of my sexy body and hairy pussy over at ShemaleYum!

 carmen kasper pics shemale yum

Post-op TS Carmen Kaspar toys her cunt

ts carmen kaspar bobs tgirls

An important part of being a post-op hottie is keeping your pussy up to speed, so I gotta go spread it open at the doctor’s office every now and then. 

post op ts carmen kaspar

These pics will show you what happens when the doctor isn’t looking; I get horny and pull out my favorite toys to drill my cunt the second I find myself alone, because what’s the point of getting my cunt checked out if I don’t get to have fun by cumming hard?

postop ts carmen kaspar

Click on this link to check out my favorite pics from my gallery over at Bob’s Tgirls!

Shemale Carmen Kaspar on Franks Tgirls

shemale carmen kaspar frank tgirls

It’s no secret that I’m a bit slutty and like getting around. Wow, that made me sound like a common whore, didn’t it? Well I’m talking about my pics, so don’t be such a pervert! It’s just that I really like posing and working for different sites to keep my options open and to leave my mark on the eyes and hearts of many. One such site I like to work with is Frank’s Tgirls; a nice place where I can tease a whole new audience by covering up my pink cunt!

Click here to see this exclusive set and get your daily fix of teasy pics!

shemale carmen kasper frank tgirls

Post-op TS Carmen Kaspar from Shemale Yum

postop ts carmen kaspar shemale yum

Is there anything tastier than a sexy shemale? The good people at Shemale Yum and I tried to tackle this question with a set of nice and teasy pictures meant to get your engine started. So tell me, are my deep eyes and nice shapely legs doing it for you? If not, then how about the way I reach into my panties just enough for you to see where my hand is going but not quite see what it’s doing? I’m a master at teasing and this set is the perfect way to show off my amazing skills!

Click here to see my work with the sweet people of Shemale Yum!

postop ts carmen caspar shemale yum

Post-op shemale Carmen Kasper

post op shemale carmen kaspar bobs tgirls

Aren’t I a dream come true? You can rub your eyes all you want but the fact is that the image of me in my sexy blue corset and white silky stockings won’t fade from your mind now.  post op shemale carmen kasper bobs tgirls

So just embrace my beauty in full; take in the sight of my naughty cunt, a sexy hole that was quite literally tailor-made to satisfy the fantasies of my fans and my own, since I’m a kinky post-op shemale whose biggest wish is to make those who look upon me mad with lust!

post op shemale carmen caspar bobs tgirls

Click here to visit my personal blog and see how I show my body off on my couch!